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Monica Emelko interviewed on The Knowledge Archives podcast

The Knowledge Archives host, Madhav Malhotra, recently sat down with Water Science, Technology, and Policy (Water STP) leader Monica Emelko to discuss her research as well as the future of engineering & applied science in a changing climate.

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How the rise in wildfires could affect how Calgary treats its drinking water

How the rise in wildfires could affect how Calgary treats its drinking water By: Rosa Saba, The Star Calgary CALGARY—The city of Calgary is leading the charge in studying the effects of widespread wildfires on drinking water, something researchers say has been misunderstood and overlooked until recently. Calgary has established a task force involving nearby [...]

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Technology uses artificial intelligence to detect cyanobacteria and protect water supplies

Accurate monitoring of cyanobacteria is important for watershed management, potable water production, recreational water use and water re-use. Cost effective, fast and reliable...

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How Wildfires Are Polluting Rivers and Threatening Water Supplies

As wildfires become more frequent and destructive in a warming world, they are increasingly leaving in their wake debris and toxic runoff that are polluting rivers and fouling water supplies. Some municipalities are having to upgrade their water treatment methods to...

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AI technology rapidly analyzes water samples

Progress on new artificial intelligence (AI) technology by Waterloo Engineering researchers could improve monitoring at treatment plants to help ensure clean water and safeguard public health. The researchers have developed AI software capable of identifying and quantifying...

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Long-term effects of forest fires pose threats to drinking water

Forest fires are sweeping North America with detrimental environmental, economic and human impacts. A research team, led by University of Waterloo Engineering professor Monica Emelko, will receive $5.5 million from the National...

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Three water myths debunked for World Water Day

Cape Town, South Africa faces a crisis that’s unimaginable to most Canadians: the city is running out of water. By July, 3.75 million people could see their taps run dry. Unless local desalination plants soon come online to make seawater drinkable, residents’ only hope lies in careful rationing of what remains until the rainy season [...]

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Canada’s forests vital to our national drinking water security

Visiting scholar explains how and why Canada's forests are vital to our national drinking water security during the 78th bi-annual Forest Industry Lecture Monica Emelko of the University of Waterloo delivered the 78th bi-annual Forest Industry Lecture on November 2, 2017, at the University of Alberta. On November 2, 2017, the Department of Renewable Resources [...]

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Civil and Environmental Engineering sweep at the American Water Works Association awards

Two of University of Waterloo’s graduate students from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, both supervised by Monica Emelko, were recognized this summer by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) for their research. Gemma Charlebois and Andrew Wong are the first and second place recipients, respectively, of the 2017 Academic Achievement Awards for best Master’s thesis. The [...]

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