Monica Emelko, Director of the Water Science, Policy, and Technology (WaterSTP) group at the University of Waterloo has recently been named the section editor for a new peer-reviewed, open access journal, PLOS Water. The journal brings together research of the highest standards for water as a vital human resource for communities in every region of the world. Topics covered include:

  • water sanitation and hygiene
  • sustainable water consumption, management, and supply
  • resource recovery and utilization
  • applied water governance and policy
  • socio-behavioral research

The broad scope of the journal breaks down silos between disciplines and sectors to facilitate collaboration across the interconnected issues of water resources management and clean water supply. Focused on Open Science the journal supports giving access to everyone who plays a role in the global issue of water —including organizations, industry-leaders, local and Indigenous communities, and all members of the public—with unrestricted access to the quality-driven science in order to drive change.

Emelko responded to the nomination, sharing “I am honoured to be named the section editor for Weather and Climate Change with PLOS Water. It has provided groundbreaking leadership and rigor in open access science that is delivered with integrity.”

Emelko’s research focuses on drinking water treatment, public health protection, and climate change adaptation. She shares “the importance of hygiene and sanitation cannot be over-stated. Technological advancement in this domain reduced infectious diseases as a major cause of death by over 3000% between 1900 and 2010.” Emelko continues “Climate change is demonstrably threatening these public health gains because it threatens the provision of safe drinking water not only because of drought, but also changes to drinking water source quality.”

As the Canada Research Chair in Water Science, Technology & Policy, Emelko’s research focuses on advancing fundamental water science, innovating water treatment technology, and leading the development of water policy to enable risk management, operational resilience, and climate change adaptation in the water industry in order to achieve and ensure drinking water security for all.

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Tweet announcement, Monica Emelko

Announcement of Monica Emelko as section editor for Weather and Climate Change at PLOS Water