Asbestos map

Hi all…as some of you are aware, CTV’s next W5 will focus on asbestos in drinking water. They have, in advance, posted the story online this morning. I have not yet read it.

Health Canada’s website has a ‘guideline-like’ document for asbestos that concluded Guideline There is no consistent, convincing evidence that ingested asbestos is hazardous. There is, therefore, no need to establish a maximum acceptable concentration (MAC) for asbestos in drinking water.” The WHO, in 2021, also concluded that “it is not considered appropriate or necessary to establish a guideline value for asbestos fibres in drinking-water.”

The USEPA National Primary Drinking Water Regulations currently regulate asbestos with an established a maximum contaminant level (MCL) for asbestos in drinking water of 7 MFL (million fibers per liter > 10 µm in length).

There will likely be additional information posted on your local AWWA section websites and that of the CWWA.