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Draft guidance on sampling and mitigation measures for controlling corrosion

Health Canada has posted a request for public comment on the draft document entitled “Guidance on sampling and mitigation measures for controlling corrosion.” They indicate that it “has been developed with the intent to provide regulatory authorities and decision-makers with guidance on sampling and mitigation measures for controlling corrosion in drinking water distribution systems.

Guidance For Providing Safe Drinking Water in Areas of Federal Jurisdiction

This document is intended to provide technical guidance to assist federal departments meet their legislative obligations. It takes into consideration the unique circumstances faced by many departments in order to best protect human health

Drinking Water Quality Guidelines across Canadian: Jurisdictional Variation in the Context of Decentralized Water Governance

review identifies key differences in the regulatory approaches to drinking water quality across Canada’s 13 jurisdictions. Only 16 of the 94 CDWQG are consistently applied across all 13 jurisdictions; five jurisdictions use voluntary guidelines, whereas eight use mandatory standards.

A pilot study on the feasibility of testing residential tap water: Implications for environmental justice and health

The article offers a very different perspective, using citizen scientists and addressing implications for environmental justice and health.

Statement from the State of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel

I’ve seen some news reports that prosecutors have dismissed all charges in the Flint water crisis investigation (recall that there were two issues, lead which was the focus, but also Legionnaires disease which was not considered in the original investigation)...

Efficacy of Flushing and Chlorination in Removing Microorganisms from a Pilot Drinking Water Distribution System

There are several best practices (and guidelines and regulations) for flushing and ‘disinfecting’ drinking water distribution piping following installation or repair (e.g. AWWA Standard C651-05 Disinfecting Water Mains, and the Watermain Disinfection Procedure in Ontario)...

Evaluation of Lead Service Line Lining and Coating Technologies

Hi all…a new Water Research Foundation (WRF) report entitled “Evaluation of Lead Service Line Lining and Coating Technologies - 4351” has been released and is available for free download. The 331 page report evaluated a number of technologies as alternatives to full or partial lead service line (LSL) replacement, and as a means of protecting and repairing [...]

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Adhesion and Decontamination of Biological Contaminants in Drinking Water Distribution Systems

Hi all…hidden within this article is some information on the potential fate of 3 intentionally introduced toxins in distribution systems. The main focus of the study is an assessment of how various pathogens/toxins may attach to different pipe materials. The biocidal ability of copper in particular is confirmed and there  is some good information on [...]

CTV News presents segment on drinking water treatment and distribution in the Region of Waterloo

Hi all…On the 6:00 and 11:30 newscasts last night, CTV Kitchener aired a story on ‘Where your water comes from’ featuring an interview with Tim Walton of the Region of Waterloo. It doesn’t appear to have been motivated by problems other than perhaps an awareness of the Flint lead contamination situation (seems more informative than [...]

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