Factsheet Novel Coronavirus

Hi all…Water Research Australia has released a two page factsheet on novel coronavirus. They have synthesized “information currently available on novel coronavirus (COVID-19) [previously known as novel coronavirus (2019-nCOV)] —what is known about the virus, similar viruses, and the management of viruses in terms of water and sanitation systems.” The information they provide, that this virus is likely to be more sensitive to oxidants than many of those drinking water providers are already dealing with, appears to be a reasonable assessment of the situation based on similar viruses for which data are available (see below). It is freely available for download:  Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Water and Sanitation.



Note – SARS has been shown to be sensitive to chlorination and UV disinfection, and that it would be reasonable to expect that this applies to other coronaviruses such as COVID-19. As enveloped viruses are surrounded by a lipid host cell membrane, which is not very robust, the COVID-19 is likely to be more sensitive to chlorine and other oxidant disinfection processes than many other viruses such as coxsackieviruses, which have a protein coat.”