Hi all…the WHO has released a lengthy report entitled ‘Microplastics in Drinking Water’. It is a good compilation of potential issues associated with microplastics and is available for free download. There is also an Information sheet: Microplastics in drinking-water which provides key messages and answers to some common questions. This may be even more useful than the report for some of you. For example:

  1. What are microplastics?
  2. How do microplastics get into drinking-water?
  3. How much microplastic has been found in drinking-water and drinking-water sources?
  4. What kinds of microplastics are being found?
  5. Can these studies be trusted?





Microplastics in Drinking Water (WHO 2019)




“Studies reporting the presence of microplastics in treated tap and bottled water have raised questions and concerns about the impact that microplastics in drinking-water might have on human health. This report critically examines the evidence related to the occurrence of microplastics in the water cycle (including both tap and bottled drinking-water and its sources), the potential health impacts from microplastic exposure and the removal of microplastics during wastewater and drinking water treatment. Recommendations are made with respect to monitoring and management of microplastics and plastics in the environment, and to better assess human health risks and inform appropriate management actions, a number of key knowledge gaps are identified.”